save the earth

earth is precious

save earth. sounds rethorical, i will share a few tips on how to save earth. it start with us in the journey to gain ustaziatul alam we need to be considerate with earth. right?

here are the tips

#1. Reduce Carbon monoxide whenever possible

yes, carbon dioxede and monoxide is the main causation of air pollutio. so taking public transport or car pooling can be a great alternatives

#2 3R

Reduce, reuse, recycle. jangan nak buang semua benda je. kaufikir kau siapa woi?

#3 globalization

i am not saying that we should live in the forest. nope definitely not. capatilast has to be more mindful with their action. illegal logging, execssive fishing all lead to exticntion. damn it harry. hahaha


adakah kau rasa dunia isinya bapak kau yang punya. mendabik dada besar egonya. hatinya hitam gelap terbungkam. ingat lagu ni la sial. jangan nak poyo angat. save the aerth

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